Airport Alicante (ALC)

The villa is only at a distance of 20 minutes from the airport of Alicante. Here several international flights take off. Also with several budget flights daily take offs from several countries such as The Netherlands and UK.

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Luchthaven Murcia (MJV)

Do you want to fly on Murcia? No problem as you travel within 40 minutes from the airport to the villa.

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In the area you can visit several beaches, in a 20 minutes distance you can visit for instance the beautiful beach of La Marina with several little bays where you have privacy, or the beach of Guardamar with its beautiful extended dunes with lots of pine trees which provide a lot of shade when the sun is too hot. While visiting park on the paved road so you don’t get stuck in the sand which happens often.

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Elche is from Iberia origin and was named “ Helice” by the Greek and 

“Colonia Julia Llice Augusta” by the Romans. This city carries the key of long-term Moorse conquerors. As today Elche with its small narrow streets and ally’s and its white houses with the flat roofs give you the African impression. In the middle of the 13th  century Ferdinand III of Castilie conquered this city for Christian Spain. As since 1296 it belonged to the Royal Valencia. Tree essential things make Elche famous; the palm forests the middle aged mystery game and The Dame the Elche.



In the surroundings of Crevillent there are several enormous shopping malls, indoor and outdoors. L’Aljub is in a 10 minutes distance of “ The Villa”. L’azenia Boulevard at a 25 min distance with its water nozzles (very refreshing) and La Nueva Condomina at 30 min distance in Murcia.  If you like to shop than you have sufficient choice, besides all these shopping malls are also open in the evening. 


Les Fonts

Les Fronts de Lalgar is a beautiful place where a natural water spring flows. We recommend you to visit it, you won’t be disappointed. You can also go in the water here. There are several spots where you can dive in the clear but very cold water as in the hot summers you can really cool down. There is also a very nice restaurant where you can sit on the terrace and have a great view on the waterfall. Outside the entrance gate of this park there are market stands where they sell several souvenirs. If you are going to park your car, drive as far you can to the entrance and don’t let you park your car by the assistant in the beginning of the car park as you have to walk a long distance, so step on the gas and ignore the assistant :)



The island Tabarca is originated by two islands which are connected with each other. This island is one of the attractions of the province. Tabarca is at a distance of 11 km of the city area of Alicante and is a part of this municipality. It has a protected marine reserve where you can find the most variety kind of fish of the whole province. There a several diving locations. As from Alicante or Torrevieja you can sit in the floaters of one of the beautiful boats and experience the sea world of the Mediterranean Sea below the surface. The boat trip takes about 40 min and you will be taken back to the island so you can discover the island at ease. At the end of the day you will be picked up and taken back to the harbor.



Guadalest is a part of the famous castle route. On the large steep rock there is a church tower with a flat roof on which a true eagle nest as where in 1609 out of the Levant expelled Spanish half-breeds maintained themselves for a while. Through a tunnel in a rock you visit e small town with a miniature museum cozy shops and a royal house and a church. If you visit Guadalest you can pay a visit to the safaripark “Aitana”. This is a big nature park where the fence is so far away that you experience that the wild animals aren’t fenced. You can drive with your car through the nature park and get out of the car at some spots to touch some animals which are not dangerous of course . We also recommend to visit Les Fonts de L’algar which is in neighborhood. 


Aqua parks

Do you like the water, maybe this is something for you. Gigantic water slides, wild water courses, rafting etc. As you are enjoying your refreshment your kids come by with an enormous speed of the water slides. Nearby there are at least 3 big waterparks. Take in consideration that these parks are not open though out the year. At least you can visit them as from half June till half September but here are also parks with an extended period of time.


Rio safari

If you like to go wild you can visit the Rio Safari park in Elche. This is a small park with a crocodile farm. U can go through the park with a small train. If you want to visit a larger park than you should visit the Safari park Aitana. This is a large fenced area in the middle of the mountains. You can drive by car and go out at some spots to pet some fearless animals, the tigers and lions are behind the fences. 


Going out in Torevieja

Torrevieja (20 min drive) is a sparkling city with a really beautiful boulevard, not as crowded as in Benidorm (1 hour drive). It has a diversity of restaurants and tapas bars. Moreover Torrevieja has a sparkling nightlife with different bars, cocktailbars en big clubs. Torrevieja is inviting and always offers a cozy relaxed night going out for young and older. 


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